How to flip your inner critic's script in 3 steps without using cheesy affirmations.

Learn how to shush the not-good-enoughs, kick perfectionism to the curb and make friends with your inner cheerleader, pom-poms and all!



  • you are hard on yourself
  • you feel that no matter what you achieve, it is never good enough
  • you struggle to acknowledge your own awesomeness
  • you identify as a perfectionist, type-A personality or worrier


What is included in this free training?

Video and worksheet

3 steps to begin changing your negative self-talk

Why "positive affirmations" don't work (and can even backfire!)


hi, I'm Dr. Agnes Wainman!

As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with hundreds of amazing people who have struggled with the same thing; an inner self-critic. I created this free training to share how to change your self-talk.