Lorna Graham, M.A., C. Psych.

Registered Psychologist In London, Ontario

Life doesn’t seem to be going the way you thought it would.

It feels like you have little control over what happens and the distress you are experiencing can be overwhelming at times. Emotional pain does not have to be carried alone.

I can be the supportive, calm presence you need while we put things in perspective.

Or maybe it is your relationship that is keeping you up at night.

You don’t feel connected with your partner.

Your relationship has changed and you’re not sure what happened.


You and your partner keep having the same argument again and again. 

Or maybe you've stopped talking about anything important all together.

No one is at fault; it is the relationship that’s the problem. Sometimes you both get stuck in a negative cycle. Together, we can work to end that hurtful pattern and create the loving, intimate relationship you desire.

My name is Lorna Graham and I am a registered psychologist. I work with individuals and couples who are ready to explore new ways of being when the old ways no longer seem helpful. I use a strength-based approach because I believe in the importance of developing resilience and skills to improve our ability to deal with adversity.

Please contact me if you would like to get started on a journey of self-discovery and meaningful change.