Ditch your inner critic for a kinder, gentler cheerleader,

who won’t annoy you too much with unrealistic, cheesy, positive affirmations. 


At First Glance...

You look like you have it all together. You’ve got the education, the career, the relationship, the kids (or pets!). 

But you have a secret…..

….you have an inner critic who is chattering non-stop.

  • It feels like nothing you do is ever good enough.
  • Projects go unfinished because of the crippling perfectionism.
  • You fear that one day someone will discover what a hot mess you truly are.
  • You can’t even sit still for 5 minutes before the should-s and to-dos start running through your head. 

introducing the Ditching Your Inner Critic workshop



In this 60 minute masterclass you will;

  • identify how your inner critic moved in to your head in the first place
  • shush the non-stop criticism
  • replace the critic  with a kinder, more compassionate cheerleader (who doesn't annoy you!)
  • Includes video and worksheets
  • $29 CA


Dr. Agnes Wainman

I'm a registered clinical psychologist and a former anxious hot mess. Even though I was admitted into a highly competitive PhD program in clinical psychology, I was constantly feeling like a failure. I compared myself constantly to others and felt that I never quite measured up. Using my academic knowledge and my own experiences, I realized that huge part of my issue was the non-stop criticism that ran through my head. My self-critic was LOUD! I'm happy to share how I've been able to shush that mean girl voice and replace it with a non-annoying, compassionate, pom pom waving cheerleader.