Theresa Jubenville-Wood, M.Sc.

clinical associate

theresa jubenville-wood counselling in london ontario

There’s no doubt about it, life is full of discomfort and difficulty. We can’t avoid it. We can’t escape it. Yet knowing this doesn’t make it any easier.

You may feel like you’re engrossed in a constant state of tug of war with your worrisome thoughts. It feels like such a struggle.

Anxiety has robbed you of the pleasure and enjoyment in your life. It’s exhausting.

You may feel like you’ve hit an unexpected bump in the road that’s left you a bit shaken. It’s hard to reorient yourself when the path ahead seems hazy. Changes and transitions have left you in an unfamiliar place. You feel stuck.

You are not broken and in need of fixing.

On the contrary, you are resourceful and creative with all the ways in which you have attempted to adapt and survive all the curve balls life has thrown your way. But perhaps, these old ways of coping are needing some tweaking. Or maybe you are wanting to forge news paths altogether.

Maybe you are simply wanting to improve your mental wellbeing.

I can help you on this journey.

I want to help you calm your mind so you can experience connection with yourself, others, and your world. Let me help you feel more present in your life.

My name is Theresa Jubenville-Wood. I am completing the final stages of my PhD in Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary. Working with me, you can expect that I will provide a compassionate ear.

I want you to feel heard and understood. I will do my best to understand your thoughts, feelings, and how you view the world. I care about your values and what’s important to you. I will collaborate with you to set goals and create actionable steps that align with living the life that you want.

This also means that I will tailor therapy to fit with your needs and preferences. I am committed to providing a safe space where people of all walks of life feel comfortable and respected. Finally, I strive to provide ethical care that includes remaining knowledgeable about treatments that are supported by scientific research.

My approach to therapy is “integrative” which means I use a combination of therapeutic approaches and systematically integrate them to create a tailored approach for you. I primarily draw from acceptance and commitment therapy (pronounced “act” for short), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), emotion focused therapy (EFT) and mindfulness meditation.

Having worked with a range of marginalized populations over the course of my doctoral training, I have come to adopt an intersectional framework. This framework allows me to appreciate the multiple and varied identities that people hold, while also acknowledging intersecting forms of discrimination.

It would be my pleasure to work with you as you begin taking steps towards creating a meaningful and satisfying life. Please contact me to set up an appointment.