Counselling and Therapy in London, Ontario

From the moment you take your first breath, expectations are placed on you.

Expectations about the type of person that you will be, what your life should look like, the relationships you will have.

You may have spent your entire life trying to meet those expectations, checking things off your Life To-Do list.

While you are proud of the things you have achieved, you still feel like something is missing.

Or you have known from a young age, that what was expected of you doesn’t quite fit. You’re trying to make sense of how to cope with the tension between the expectations of others and what you know is true for you. 

Or what you expected and hoped for, is outside of your control and you’re not sure how to shift your own expectations.

Regardless of the circumstances of your personal situation, you feel overwhelmed

You worry.

You know that something has to change, but you’re not quite sure what it is. 

We understand that life doesn’t always go according to plan (or that sometimes it was just the wrong plan to begin with!)

We are a team of caring therapists who want to support you in creating the kind of life that YOU want to live. We provide individual and relationship counselling to adults who are ready to explore, challenge and shift their own expectations. 

At London Psychological Services, we welcome diversity and are an LGBTQ+ affirming safe space. 

Counselling and Therapy Services at
London Psychological Services 


We are a group of registered psychologists and social workers who provide therapy and counselling to individuals and couples in  London, Ontario.