Infertility Counselling

Nothing can make you feel more out of control of your own life than infertility.  

You had a plan of starting or expanding your family.  You envisioned how this new person would fit into your family. You may even have possible baby names picked out or have spent hours researching strollers, car seats and the newest baby gadgets.  

And now, there is been a big obstacle in your way.  You have been trying to get pregnant and it just hasn't happened.  Or you've been able to get pregnant, but have suffered from miscarriages.  It feels like your body is failing you and all of your regular ways of coping with problems are not effective.  

Infertility counselling can be helpful in providing you with a safe place to vent your frustrations, grieve the loss of your ideal plan, and be rest assured that you will be never be given well-meaning yet incredibly frustrating advice like "just relax."  

We will also work together to find ways for you to manage this incredible stressor in a way that works for you.  You may need to skip that baby shower. You may have to figure out who is a good support for you, and who you may need to distance yourself from.   There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so let's find a way that works for you.

We also work with couples who are coping with infertility.  You may feel that your partner is not reacting the way that you would like them to, or you really don't understand their reaction.  We work with couples to help you both understand the other person's perspective, find a new way of communicating with each other and feeling like you're on the same team against the same problem, rather than feeling like you're against each other.  Ready to make an appointment? Have questions?  Please get in touch!


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