Counselling and therapy is provided by or supervised by a registered psychologist in London, Ontario


Frequently asked questions

Do I really need therapy?

Think of the biggest stressors in your life right now.  Think of how you are coping with them.  How do you feel most days?    What would your life look like and how would you feel if nothing changed?  What would it look like in one month? What would it look like in six months? One year? Five years?  If you know that things need to change (even if you’re not entirely sure what actually needs to change), therapy could be a great fit. 

How do I choose a psychologist or therapist?

The best predictor of successful therapy is the fit between you and the person you are working with.  You need to feel comfortable.  Ask trusted people in your life if they have had a good experience with someone.  Google therapists in your area.  Get a sense of them from their websites and listings.

If you think that one of our therapists could be a good fit for you, but still aren’t sure, give us a call!  We return all the messages within 24 hours and will help determine who may be the best fit for you.  We are very passionate about the importance of fit, if we feel that our office can’t be of help to you, we will provide you with alternate names of therapists in the London, Ontario community.  

What happens at the first appointment?

When you first arrive at the office, please have a seat in the waiting room.  There is no receptionist so just make yourself comfortable.  The waiting room is stocked with coffee, tea and water so feel free to grab a beverage.  Appointments start on the hour.  Your therapist will come out to meet you and then you'll head to their office to start your session! You will complete some paperwork and we will review some policies.  Your therapist will start exploring what is going on in your life, how you are feeling, what some of the challenges you face are, what your strengths are.  Your job is to decide whether you can feel comfortable working with them.  This part is critical. 

How often would we meet?

If you decide after your first meeting that you would like to continue to work with your counselor, you will set up your next appointment.  Most people begin with weekly appointments.  This allows your therapist to build momentum, really get a good understanding of you and start making changes.  And they will check in with you regularly to see how you feel about how things are going.  As things start to improve, you can start spacing out your appointments to biweekly, monthly, as-needed.  The process is tailored to you and your needs.

 When will I start to feel better?

This can really vary from person to person, and even session to session.  It’s important to know that some parts of the therapy process can be really, really hard.  You may have a powerful, but uncomfortable, insight about yourself or the people in your life.  You may finally face some things that you’ve been working really hard to avoid.  You may start thinking about things in very different ways. You will also have moments in therapy when you feel awesome.  You will make a change that feels incredible.  You will acknowledge and value your strengths.  We will be there to help you see things from a different perspective.  Things that have confused you may finally start to make sense.  You will feel heard and understood.