Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Treatment

So, you've had a baby, and things aren't exactly how you envisioned them.  Despite the promises of celebrity magazines, your body has not bounced back in 6.8 days.  You have never been so tired in your life.  Everyone you talk to seems to have an opinion on how you should feed your baby, how you should get them to sleep, what college they should go to.  This is hard.  

You may be feeling things that you don't want to admit to anyone else.  You may be really sad. You may be really angry.  You may be worried about everything.  Despite the advice to sleep when the baby sleeps, your racing thoughts make it impossible to.  You may even be having some scary thoughts.  

You may have heard about postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety, but you're not sure if that's what is happening to you.  It can be a pretty scary, isolating experience and it can be very hard to talk about.

We work with new moms who are struggling with many of these issues.  Motherhood can be very challenging, especially when we don't have realistic expectations of ourselves.  We will work together to understand your own expectations, figure out if they are realistic and make changes that work for you.  This is a time when you need support.  

Need some more information?

Want to make an appointment?  Call or e-mail now and you will be seen within a few days.  It is our priority that new moms get the support that they need fast!  Need to bring your baby with you? That's okay.  We understand if you need to nurse, would prefer not to leave your baby with someone else, or if it just makes your life easier.  Want to come alone? That's okay too.  Do what works for you!


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