How are you today?

No, really, how are you really doing today?   If you’re like most people, you probably reflexively respond to this question without giving it much thought.  You probably have a canned response such as “fine”, “great”, “busy, but good!”   But when was the last time you thought about how you really are feeling?  When was the last time that you talked about how you are feeling? There are lots of good reasons why we don’t go beyond the standard “fine” response when asked how we are doing.  We may not feel like disclosing our worries to our neighbours, coworkers, families or others.  We may not get the sense that the person doing the asking is really interested in our emotional state.  It might just be easier, and it’s certainly quicker, to respond positively than to address real issues and concerns.  However, taking a moment to think about your emotional well being, acknowledging and talking about how you really are feeling may be more important than it may seem.  Receiving emotional support can prevent more minor stressors from becoming more severe.  It can help us feel more connected to others.  It can just feel good to be real.

So, how are you today?